Furry Friends for Little Ones: Exploring the Best Dogs for Kids

best dogs for kids

“One of the most enduring friendships in history – dogs and their people,  people and their dogs”

Just like peanut butter and jelly go hand in hand,  dogs and kids make best of friends.  But all dogs are not right for kids.  Having a furry family member is always great for the family but choosing the right breed becomes equally important when you have small kids at home. 

This blog delves into breeds that are best for kids.  Not just because they are friendly but because they have a right temperament for your kid.  Let’s take a look at all the best dogs for kids to adopt. 

Breeds: 10 Best Dogs For Kids to Adopt

Cocker Spaniel

Cocker spaniels are known for their gentle,  playful,  and reliable nature,  which makes them excellent companions.  This makes them great playmates for children,  especially those who are active and looking to expend energy with these lively dogs.

best dogs for kids

Regardless of the weather conditions,  cocker spaniels enjoy frolicking outdoors,  so it's a good idea to keep rain boots near the door.  These dogs are highly eager to please and have a willingness to learn.  

Additionally,  they excel at greeting their owners with enthusiasm,  wagging their tails vigorously as a warm welcome home. 

Brussels Griffon

The Brussels griffon,  aside from being cute and cuddly,  is an excellent choice for families.  It is important to note,  however,  that due to its small size,  it is more suitable for households with older children,  according to WebMD. 

best dogs for kids

This breed,  which has wiry hair,  is not only affectionate,  loving,  and comforting but also playful and energetic.  This adaptable dog can thrive in both suburban houses and small city apartments. 

The Brussels griffon is known for its loyalty and ability to form strong bonds with its human companions.  They are versatile,  sociable,  and enjoy daily walks as well as trips to the dog park. 


The boxer dog,  often referred to as the "clown, " is a breed that is known for being family-oriented and having a playful,  sometimes mischievous personality.  With its sweet and affectionate nature,  this dog makes for a faithful companion who loves engaging in playtime with kids.

best dogs for kids


When it comes to unfamiliar individuals,  the boxer dog can be wary and exhibits caution until it becomes acquainted with them.  To avoid boredom and any resulting destructive tendencies such as chewing or digging,  this breed requires plenty of exercise and mental stimulation. 

Portuguese Water Dog

Portuguese water dogs possess a friendly and sociable nature,  making them an ideal choice for families seeking a companion.  They are playful and adaptable,  thriving in different living environments such as small apartments or houses with large yards.  This breed enjoys swimming and playing,  displaying high levels of energy.

best dogs for kids

Known for their curly or wavy coat,  Portuguese water dogs are hypoallergenic and have minimal shedding.  However,  it is still necessary to maintain regular grooming practices,  as explained by PetMD.  These dogs excel in obedience training,  quickly grasping commands and tasks,  which contributes to their excellent behavior as family pets. 


Although the vizsla may not be widely recognized,  it can become the ideal addition to your family once you become acquainted with this delightful pup.  This particular breed exhibits traits of gentleness,  playfulness,  versatility,  and a remarkable level of affection.

best dogs for kids

Their adoration for their human companions is evident as they enjoy showering them with love and attention.  In addition,  the vizsla excels in obedience training due to their eagerness to please and ability to quickly grasp commands and basic obedience skills.  

It is important to note that vizslas possess a high energy level which necessitates regular exercise.  Whether it involves engaging with the kids in the backyard or going for a run in the neighborhood,  they thoroughly enjoy participating in physical activities. 


If you've ever watched Lassie,  it's easy to understand why a collie,  like a rough collie,  would make a perfect companion for a family.  The dog's loyalty and faithfulness are evident.

best dogs for kids

This breed is famous for its commitment and protective instincts,  which provide a family with a sense of safety.  The collie is also known for being gentle and patient,  which is especially beneficial for families with young children. 

This breed is active and full of energy,  so take her outside for a game of catch or let her run around the backyard.  Moreover,  the collie is adaptable and can thrive as a family pet whether in a house or an apartment. 

Bull Terrier

Bull terriers are renowned for being excellent companions for families,  although it is important to note that they may not be suitable for every family.

best dogs for kids

This robust breed thrives in the company of active families who enjoy engaging in outdoor activities such as playing games,  going on hikes,  and taking their furry friend to the local dog park to interact with other dogs in the area. 

According to WebMD,  providing regular physical exercise and mental stimulation is crucial to prevent behavioral issues caused by boredom in this breed.  

Bull terriers are playful dogs who flourish when properly socialized and trained from an early age to respond to commands.  They have a fondness for children and are happy to partake in whatever activities they desire. 

Airedale Terrier

Airedale terriers are an excellent option for families due to their friendly,  loyal,  and intelligent nature.  They enjoy playing both outdoors in the backyard and indoors,  as well as at dog parks.  Additionally,  this breed offers a sense of security since they are protective without being aggressive.

best dogs for kids

Moreover,  Airedale terriers are typically adaptable,  tolerant,  and patient,  which are crucial qualities when interacting with energetic and curious children.  

It's worth noting that this breed is generally healthy,  but it is advisable to schedule regular veterinary check-ups to ensure the dog's overall health and longevity. 

Labrador Retriever

The Labrador retriever is an excellent choice for a family pet due to its cheerful and lively nature.  This strong and enthusiastic dog adores exercise,  which makes it perfect  for active children and families who enjoy running,  jumping,  swimming,  and playing fetch with their energetic companion.

best dogs for kids

According to Hill's Pet Nutrition,  this playful and protective breed can reach a weight of 80 pounds.  Therefore,  providing them ample space to roam and play is important.  Labs thrive on mental stimulation,  so consider teaching your playful pup some new tricks to keep them engaged. 


While the bulldog is commonly associated with strength and bravery,  in reality,  it is often a loving and gentle companion,  making it an excellent choice for a family.  Bulldogs are known for their affectionate and loyal nature,  always ready to care for and defend their loved ones.

best dogs for kids

This breed is adaptable and great with children, and luckily, they are not prone to excessive barking. The bulldog does not require high levels of energy. While they enjoy a nice stroll around the neighborhood,  they are also content with an afternoon nap in the sun.  

Additionally,  their short coat makes grooming requirements minimal. 

FAQ: 10 Best Dogs For Kids to Adopt

Do these kid-friendly dog breeds require much exercise?

The majority of these breeds have a moderate level of activity and need consistent exercise. 

Are these kid-friendly breeds easy to train?

Yes, these kid-friendly breeds, including Cocker Spaniel, Brussels Griffon, Boxer, Portuguese Water Dog, Vizsla, Collie, Bull Terrier, Airedale Terrier, Labrador Retriever, and Bulldog, are generally easy to train. Their affectionate nature, playfulness, and intelligence make them adaptable to positive and consistent training methods.

Are there any small dog breeds that are good for children?

Certainly, small dog breeds such as Cavalier King Charles Spaniels,  Cocker Spaniels,  and Shih Tzus are renowned for their suitability when it comes to interacting with children. 

Are any dog breeds suitable for families living in apartments?

Certainly,  certain breeds such as Bulldogs and Maltese can thrive in apartment settings when provided with appropriate care and regular exercise. 


Finding the perfect dog for your family is an important decision,  especially when it comes to choosing a furry friend that will be great with kids.  From playful and energetic breeds like Golden Retrievers to gentle and patient breeds like Labradors, there are plenty of options to consider.  

It's essential to take into account factors such as size, temperament, and exercise needs when selecting the right dog for your children.  

By doing your research and considering your family's lifestyle and preferences,  you can find the best dog breed that will bring joy and companionship to your little ones. So why wait? Start exploring different breeds today and give your kids the gift of a loving canine companion.

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