10 Friendliest Dog Breeds That Your Kids Will Love Growing Up With

Best dogs for kids

“Give a boy a dog and you have furnished him a playmate.” - Berton Braley

Someone who has loved their pet canine as a kid understands the benefits of growing up with a furry friend. Dogs can be adorable, friendly, and so much fun-  all things kids (and many adults) tend to enjoy. 

However, only some dogs are the right fit for kids. Choosing the best dog breed for kids is extremely important especially when you have small kids at home. Not only does it take time for your kids to adjust to a dog, but it can be much more difficult if you choose a dog breed that doesn’t engage with the kids.

Finding the right kind of family-friendly dogs can be extremely stressful and needs proper research. So, to save you some time, we have shortlisted 10 of the most adorable and friendly furry friends for your little ones.

Let's dive in!

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  • 5 Parameters To Keep In Mind While Looking For The Best Dog For Your Kids
  • What’s The Best Dog Breed For Your Kids? Here Are The Top 10
  • FAQs: 10 Friendliest Dogs That Your Kids Will Love Growing Up With
  • Conclusion

5 Parameters To Keep In Mind While Looking For The Best Dog For Your Kids

Most of us would love to watch our children grow up with a furry little companion. But how do you know what dog breed is best for your kids?

Before we delve into finding the best dogs for your kids, it is important to understand the factors that should be taken into consideration. 

1. Size Of The Dog

It is important to have clarity about the preferences regarding the dog’s size. People living in smaller homes and backyards usually go for smaller dogs. While those with bigger backyards and kids with a lot of energy can go for bigger dogs.

2. Personality Of The Dog

Like us humans, every breed of dog comes with its own personality and traits.

It is you who decides whether you want a dog that behaves in public or one that acts silly around the house.

3. Temperament Of The Dog

Some dogs are known for their energy and capability to go on sniffing for hours while some dogs live their best life snoozing on the couch. It is important to understand the needs of such dogs and make sure that they fit perfectly into your lifestyle and home.

4. Allergies

The best dog breeds for kids are those that do not shed much. Dogs that shed more increase the chances of kids catching allergies much quicker. 

5. Cost

Big-friendly dogs usually require more grooming and care. Their expenses and food can therefore be a little heavy on your pockets. Make sure you select the right dog that fits into your budget.

Knowing this we can finally help you find the best dogs for your kids!

What’s The Best Dog Breed For Your Kids? Here Are The Top 10 

1. Labrador Retriever

Labrador retrievers could make the most suitable furry companion for your little one. Here's why.

Best dogs for kids

  • They are mostly renowned for their gentle and friendly temperament. Whether it is nap time or time for some play, Labs quickly adapt to the energy levels of the house. 
  • These big friendly dogs are active with children of all ages. They love to run, play, hike, and do all the things that kids love to do.
  • Because they are eager, smart, and adaptable, they are easy to train which is a boon to busy parents.

    Did you know? 

    Labrador retrievers are among the most loyal and intelligent breeds, making the task of training them very easy. As a result, they make the perfect family-friendly dogs. 

    2. Golden Retriever

    Golden retrievers are great for many reasons but they do wonders in providing therapy to your kids. Because of their warm demeanor, good nature and, gentleness, they are unquestionably the most liked dog breed. Thanks to their energy, your kids can now go running, swimming, jumping, and playing fetch with their furry companion! 

    Best dogs for kids

    3. The Bichon

    Undoubtedly, the Bichon is a tiny fluff of pure joy! 

    • These dogs are much smaller in size and are very friendly. They love people no matter what.
    • They become an added bonus for kids with allergies as they don't shed much. Their plush dense coat traps any hair that sheds, therefore they don't leave a mess around the house. 

    Best dogs for kids

    Fun fact: Bichons are a work of art - quite literally! The bichon has been depicted in many works of art throughout history and were a muse for renowned 16th-century artists. 

    Did you know that apart from being highly affectionate dogs, they also make surprisingly good watchdogs? So, if you are considering getting these adorable fluffballs, let us tell you that they are very versatile. 

    4. Pumi

    Why should you get a Pumi for your kids?

    Best dogs for kids

    • These dogs are another breed of family-friendly dogs as they do not shed much. 
    • These dogs are especially known for their playful and affectionate energy around kids. 
    • Pumi’s help kids develop leadership and social skills as they are extremely social dogs.

      If you ask us, Pumi’s can be an adorable companion to your kids. 

      5. Miniature American Shepherd

      The miniature American Shepherd is not widely known as compared to the other breeds of dogs. However, they are a great option for kids. They absolutely love children and are always high on energy. These dogs require a lot of grooming from time to time. This encourages children to bond with their dogs by brushing their fur and learning how to care for them.

      Best dogs for kids

      6. Boxer

      If you are looking for a chivalrous and playful dog, boxers would be a great pick for you!

      Best dogs for kids

      • These dogs have a reputation for being faithful companions to your kids.
      • Additionally, boxers have a lot of patience when it comes to dealing with tiny humans. They enjoy playing with kids, making them the best dogs for kids.
      • These dogs are sometimes also referred to as the “clown” because of their mischievous and friendly nature. 

      7. French Bulldog

      Cousin to the bulldog, these sweet little dogs are easy-going and low-maintenance. They can be the most suitable fit for smaller homes. They are mostly known to be quiet but are full of energy. Going for long walks, to the park, and playing fetch with kids are a few of their favorite things to do.

      Best dogs for kids 

      8. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

      King Charles Spaniel is another tiny breed of dog that loves to please. Though these dogs do not require a lot of exercise, they love to sniff about from time to time. One of its best qualities apart from being unproblematic and cheerful, is that they are extremely friendly with other dogs too. 

      Best dogs for kids

      9. Cocker Spaniel

      Cocker spaniels are sensitive little souls that make one of the best family-friendly dogs. Here’s why.

      Best dogs for kids

      • They are playful dogs who love being outdoors. They make great playmates for children full of energy and zest. 
      • Cocker spaniels are gentle, intelligent, and adaptable dogs. It is their gentle temperament that makes them great family dogs.

      10. Brussels Griffon

      Affectionately known as “griffs”, these dogs are happy dogs who adapt to any household. These dogs mostly like being indoors and are the happiest when around people. Playing fetch and going for short walks keep them happy. 

      Best dogs for kids

      Did you know?

      Brussels Griffon are also known as “velcro dogs”. They love sleeping in bed with you and follow you everywhere you go. 

      Rightly named, these dogs can be an adorable addition to your family.

      FAQs: 10 Friendliest Dogs That Your Kids Will Love Growing Up With

      Are dogs safe for all the members of the family?

      While dogs are friendly with all members of the family, some dogs like being around adults or just one gender. Make sure you do your research well before you choose the right dog for your kids.

      Are these family-friendly dogs easy to train?

      Yes! Cocker spaniel, Boxer, Brussels griffon, Labrador retriever, Golden retriever, and French bulldog are all very easy to train. Their character traits make them extremely adaptable.

      Are big friendly dogs suitable to live in apartments?

      With the right training and appropriate care, big dogs like Labrador retrievers and Golden retrievers can certainly live in apartments and maintain a harmonious environment.


      Our dogs are just like our family and they deserve the best of everything. At Maryam’s Pet, we understand how important it is to choose the right furry companion for your kids. Our selection of these 10 friendly dog breeds is a combination of adaptability, intelligence, and longevity. 

      It is very important to consider the personality and individual needs of both your dog and kids.  By doing proper research and taking your lifestyle into consideration, you can find the best dogs for kids. So, what are you waiting for? Discover the best dog breeds for kids and give them the joy of growing up with a furry friend.

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