The Best Toys for Cats When Home Alone

Best toys for cats home alone

Ignoring your cat's gentle "meows" to attend to duties is tough. Though being with them 24/7 isn't practical, leaving them alone, even for a few hours, is heart-wrenching. A way to keep your lonely cat from getting depressed however is through toys.

But there’s a way around it. Toys are important elements to ensure mental and physical stimulation for your furry companion when it’s home alone.

You might think a cardboard box might be enough for your cat since it enjoys sitting in it more than the soft bed you bought. Indoor cats, bereft of hunting, unlike their instinct, can be negatively affected by sitting around in a box all day long.

In this blog, we have listed the best toys for cats when they are home alone. From wool balls to jittering fish, these 13 cat exercise toys are just what you need!

But before we jump into the toys, let’s learn why toys are important for cats.

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Importance of Toys for Cats When Home Alone:

Cats are natural predators; they’re fairly close relatives of lions and therefore need physical activity. These toys are tailor-made to tap into the predatory instincts of your cat, ensuring exercise and entertainment.

Maintains Weight:

Playing with toys ensures your cat gets enough exercise, which helps them maintain weight and prevents other health issues.

Mental Stimulation:

Being intelligent animals, cats need to play with toys that healthily stimulate their curious minds, thus preventing boredom.


These toys can be used by you as well to keep your cat entertained when you’re frisky. This playtime activity provides an important opportunity for you to bond with your cat over time.

Stress Buster:

When home alone, cats can feel stressed and anxious, and toys can act as a distraction during such situations. Playing with toys can help cats release pent-up energy, frustration, or anxiety.

Preventing Boredom:

Extended periods of boredom can result in loneliness and depression. Keeping your cat engaged with toys of different kinds can help prevent boredom and keep them entertained while you are busy earning their cat food!

The Best 13 Toys for Cats When Home Alone:

These toys are purrfect for your cats who stay home alone; let’s check them out together!

Yarn Candy

This hand-rolled ball of yarn is stuffed with the best-quality catnip to provide an energetic burst of energy to your cats. Your cat can chase or pull this toy yarn candy made of soft and lightweight yarn around when you’re not home.

Best toys for cats home alone

Wand Octopus

A soft grey octopus is exactly what your bored cats need when home alone. Filled with catnip, this colorful octopus wand can be stuck high in a wardrobe when you’re gone for your cats to nip at from afar, or you can simply hand it over to their authority!

Comfort Fish Wand

This realistic-looking toy fish is made with braided wire and swivel clips, which is enough to make your cat go crazy! Made from soft and fluffy faux fur, this fish feels like real prey to your fur baby. Additionally, it comes with two interchangeable toys.

Best toys for cats home alone

Fluffy Animal

Introduce this ultra-soft toy in the shape of a sheep, moose, and goat to your cat and watch them buzz over it all day long! The fluffy animal soft toy set is eye-catching and will ensure your cat doesn’t get bored for hours on end.

Jittering Fish Sardine

It not only looks like a real fish but also moves like one! This rechargeable jittering toy sardine fish taps into the predatory instinct of your indoor cat and allows them to ‘hunt’ it! Additionally, it includes a pack of Korean silvervine and a pack of Canadian imported catnip inside it!

Flutter Bug

A popular choice among curious kitties, these offer never-ending fun for your bored cat. Attach these fluttering toy butterflies to a high surface and watch your cat become the hunter it always was!

Lambswool Door Knob Dangler

Just hand this dangler by Lambswool to any door knob and notice how fast your cat goes into its hunting personality! The long pom-pom legs offer a crinkly and jingly sound that entertains cats for hours on end.

Modern Cat Feather Snake

The multi-sensory modern cat feather snake is non-toxic and filled with catnip to ensure an enjoyable time for your furry companion. The compact size makes it the perfect toy for cats to play with and attack to brush up on their hunting skills.

Lambswool Mouse Soft Toy

Another creation of Lambswool, this catnip-infused soft toy mouse kit includes three mice that chirp when attacked! The pom-pom tail of the soft toy mouse is well attached to the mouse, making it a perfect playtime toy for your lonely cat.

Mouse Sock

Regardless of whether you’re a seasoned cat owner or a new one, you must be aware of how fond cats are of tight and comfortable spaces. This soft mouse sock with hidden catnip inside feels like a soft tunnel of comfort for your cat, therefore proving to be the best cat toy.

Crinkly Cat Tunnel

This crinkly cat tunnel is a long and warm tunnel made especially for your cat to rest, hide, and play in. The soft, crinkly noise will only stimulate your cat to play for longer hours, thus entertaining it while you’re away at work.

Best toys for cats home alone

Tower of Tracks

This bright orange-colored tower of tracks is the perfect pass-time for your cat. It comes with two green-colored balls that go around the tracks, making navigating the fun part of the toy for your cat. This instinctual game keeps your furbaby entertained for hours while also mentally stimulating it!

Best toys for cats home alone

Catit Vesper Rocket

Elevate your cat's dreams with the Vesper Rocket House: high-quality fabric, padded cushions, foldable design, mesh sides for airflow, easy assembly, and a stable weighted base—turning your feline friend into a cosy astronaut. 

Now that you know about these cat toys, check out these frequently asked questions about your furry friend!

FAQ: Best Toys for Cats When Home Alone

Can a cat have too many toys?

Although your cat needs to have toys to enrich and stimulate its mind, buying too many toys can lead to unnecessary clutter and hoarding. Therefore, it is important to discard old toys or donate them to charity for homeless kitties instead of hoarding them at home.

Do cats guard their toys?

Cats are territorial beings; therefore, it isn’t impossible for them to not guard their toys when they sense danger. Cats are emotionally attached to toys like humans and therefore can be possessive when something or someone tries to take them away from them.

Are automatic toys unsafe for cats?

Automatic toys, or lasers, can be unsafe for cats if they come into direct contact with their eyes. Long-term exposure to lasers can cause eye damage or unnecessary accidents. Therefore, automatic cat toys should only be used in the presence of their owners.


In conclusion, providing the best toys for cats when home alone is a crucial aspect of responsible pet ownership. These toys not only ensure physical exercise but also cater to the feline instinct for play and hunting. Mental stimulation, weight management, and stress relief are essential benefits derived from engaging toys.

From yarn candies to jittering fish, the 13 cat exercise toys listed offer a diverse range to keep your cat entertained and healthy. Remember to rotate and introduce new toys periodically to prevent boredom.

As you strive to meet your cat's needs, Maryam's Pet stands ready to assist with a selection of high-quality toys and accessories designed to cater to your feline companion's well-being. Explore the extensive range at Maryam’s Pet and provide your furry friend with the best toys for cats at home alone, ensuring a happy and fulfilled life.
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