Best Cat Food Bowls

Cat food bowls

Cat’s meals hinge on mood and the food bowl, distinct from dogs due to their unique build. Small or deep bowls can cause whisker fatigue, stressing your cat during meals. So, is there a way around you? The huge market for cat food bowls says yes!

Consider factors like material, shape, height, and design when choosing a bowl for your cat. In this blog, we have listed the best cat food bowls based on these key factors.

Additionally, we have also discussed the effect of bowls on your cat’s diet and health. If you wish to improve your cat’s health, read on and don’t skip anything!

Table of Content

  • Whisker Fatigue
  • Importance of Cat Food Bowls
  • Best Cat Food Bowls
  • FAQ
  • Conclusion

Whisker Fatigue:

The signature whiskers of your cat are much more than just decorative facial hair. Cat whiskers provide vital sensory data. These sensitive, thick hairs aid navigation in darkness, detect air movements, and enhance spatial awareness.

Research says over-stimulation of cat whiskers can lead to discomfort and stress in cats, and this is known as whisker fatigue. This stress transmits several messages to your cat’s brain, which then feel stressed and exhausted.

Food bowls that are too deep or too small often cause whisker stress. The constant contact of the whiskers with the edges of the bowl results in overstimulation and thus exhausts your cat.

Here are a few symptoms of whisker fatigue. Find out if your cat has whisker fatigue.

Symptoms of Whisker Fatigue:

  • Dropping and eating food from the floor.
  • Not finishing the food.
  • Nervously eating out of bowls.
  • Vocalizing near bowls.
  • Acting hungry when there is food left in the bowl.

Now that we know about the problem, let’s search for a solution together. Keep reading!

Choosing the Right Cat Food Bowl:

Cats are delicate creatures, and their food bowl is just as important as the food you feed them. Here are a few factors you should consider when choosing the right bowl for your cat:!

  • The bowl should be shallow and not too deep.
  • Stainless steel bowls curb the production of bacteria and are therefore a viable option.
  • Choose a whisker-friendly bowl (more on that below).
  • Do not trim a cat’s whisker to fit in the food bowl. Doing so will alter the cat’s perception of the environment and the atmosphere.
  • Avoid bowls that are too deep or small.
  • Avoid using plastic bowls, as they are a storehouse of germs.

Check out the top cat food bowls that we have listed below!

Top cat food bowls:

Just like cats, their food bowls come in all shapes and sizes. However, these are the best of the lot. Read on!

Elevated Cat Dish:

The days of your cat ragging their food out of the bowl are over! Say hello to this elevated food dish, specially made for cats. Its ergonomic design encourages better swallowing of food as it helps overcome the resistance of gravity.

Cat food bowls


Additionally, this can be used by cats suffering from dental, neurological, or upper respiratory issues as well! The Elevated Cat Dish is also available in the form of a bowl that is perfect to serve water in.

Are you looking for an elegant-looking glass bowl for your feline? Look at the next item on this list!

Glass Cat Bowl:

This item is one of the best glass cat bowls out there, due to its classy finish and ideal height. A multi-functional glass diner is tailor-made for the classiest of cats out here; it is suitable for dry and wet food and water!

Cat food bowls

An easy-to-clean contemporary design makes it durable and a safer option than plastic bowls. This glass cat food bowl is dishware-safe and measures around 29cm in diameter. Imagine how adorably elegant your fur baby would look eating out of it!

Have you got a senior or handicapped cat with reduced mobility? Check out our next food bowl, especially made to suit those needs.

Cherry Cat Bowl and Mat:

This bright-coloured cat food bowl and mat combo will be the cherry on top of your cat’s meal (literally). Cherry-designed bowl, food-grade ABS, tilted at 45 degrees for easy eating by less mobile cats.

The fairly large size of the bowl doesn’t obstruct your cat’s whiskers and can hold both food and water. Accompanied by the cutest leafy spoon and a non-splash silicon mat, this is the perfect bowl for your cat.

Does your cat judge an empty food bowl? Try this ceramic solution!

Floral Ceramic Cat Bowl:

This pretty pink floral ceramic cat bowl is made for adult cats and is the ideal shape for them to feed from. The elevated height of the bowl because of the beechwood stand makes it easier to eat and drink from.

Standing 5.7 inches tall, this ceramic cat food bowl is crafted from premium-quality ceramic and is therefore highly durable. Your adorable and bossy feline can easily eat out of this while standing over the land (your home). They rule!

Are you a busy cat parent who is often away? This next item is the solution you've been seeking!

5-Meal Cat Feeder:

This one is for all the busy feline parents unable to regulate feeding time for their cats. The 5-Meal Cat Feeder is a timer-based cat food feeder that lets you control each portion according to your liking.

Cat food bowls

Set a timed feeding routine with a 240-ml stainless steel automatic dispenser, promoting durability and hygiene. Regulates portions, prevents overeating, and manages your cat's weight in your absence.

Dreaming of buying your cat a palace of their own? Get them a tiny fountain instead!

Stainless Steel Fountain:

Stainless steel is by far the best material for pet bowls so far. It is known to protect against bacteria and is fairly easy to clean. The extra-large drinking area is suitable for cats to drink their thirst away.

The continuous water filters in the stainless steel fountain circulate the drinking water, making it appealing for your hard-to-impress feline. The replaceable charcoal filter ensures clean and purified water every time your cat drinks from it.

Last but not least, read about a multi-feeder by Catit!

Catit Multi-feeder:

Another automatic cat feeder for home-alone cats, this Catit Multi Feeder is easy to use. Simply add wet food to the bowl and kibble in the paw to ensure snacks for your pet throughout the day.

All your little cat needs to do is put their paw in the paw pit, and they will stimulate a natural, self-controlled feeding system. The hidden kibble mechanism encourages portion control, therefore preventing binge eating.

Let’s check out some frequently asked questions for cat bowls together next.

FAQ: Best Cat Food Bowls:

How many food bowls does my cat need?

One cat, one bowl—typically, that's all your feline friend needs for their meals.

Do cats need higher bowls?

Cats may prefer higher bowls to prevent whisker fatigue; observe your cat's comfort and adjust bowl height accordingly.

Are automatic cat food dispensers better than regular bowls?

If you’re a cat parent who stays away from home, a cat food dispenser is essential to ensure your feline is being fed when alone at home. However, if you’re very particular about their cats, regular bowls are a good option as well.

What should cat food bowls be made of?

The best material for cat food bowls is stainless steel, as, unlike practice, it protects the food from bacteria. The bacterial particles and your cat’s saliva cannot enter the stainless steel’s hard surface, thus making it the safest option.


In conclusion, choosing the right cat food bowl is crucial for your feline friend's well-being. Understanding factors like whisker fatigue and preferences helps in making informed decisions. From the Elevated Cat Dish to the Catit Multi-Feeder, it caters to various needs.

For quality cat food bowls, explore Maryam's Pet, a reliable source of premium pet products. Elevate your cat's dining experience and promote their health with the perfect bowl tailored to their unique requirements. Invest in the best for your beloved feline companion.
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