8 Best And Fun Dog Training Games To Enjoy With Your Dog

dog training games

Did you know that playing games with your furry friend can be more than just fun? 

That's right,  certain games can also help teach your dog important skills and behaviours.  Whether you have a new puppy or an older dog,  incorporating educational games into their playtime routine can be a great way to bond with them while also giving them mental stimulation.  

Transforming training into play! 

Dog training games blend fun with learning,  creating an engaging experience for both you and your furry friend.  These games not only entertain but also instil valuable skills.  From reinforcing basic commands to enhancing problem-solving abilities. 

In this blog post,  we'll discover a world where games become lessons and training becomes a delightful adventure in your canine companion's education journey!

dog training games

Dog Training Games: A Great Way to Train Your Dog!

Before we discuss the games that will help in dog training let’s discuss the benefits of dog training games. 

Fun for Both of You - Enjoyable games make training a joyful experience for both you and your dog. 

Bond-Boosting Fun - Games enhance the bond between you and your dog,  creating a stronger connection. 

Improved Communication - Training games sharpen communication skills,  fostering better understanding between you and your furry friend. 

Effective Learning - These games are not just fun; they're effective tools for teaching and reinforcing essential commands. 

Enriching & Energy-Burning - Training games provide enrichment while effectively burning your dog's energy,  promoting overall well-being. 

Now,  let’s discuss the dog training games that you can play with your dog. 

Fun Dog Training Games

Chase (you)

If your dog seems uninterested in playing,  try this game to bring out their playful side.  It can also serve as a reward when treats or toys are not available and aid in recall training.  Remember,  your dog should always be the one chasing you,  not the other way around,  to avoid negative impacts on their recall ability. 


If you enjoyed this game as a child,  why not have fun playing it with your dog? For the game to be successful,  your dog should have a basic understanding of commands like sit,  stay,  and come.  Guide your dog to a room and instruct them to stay.  

After that,  leave the room and hide in another spot.  Once you have found the ideal hiding place,  call your dog's name to encourage them to locate you.  Celebrate their achievement when they successfully find you. 

dog training games

Treasure Hunt

Did you know that dogs possess an extraordinary olfactory sense,  with around 45 times more scent receptors than humans? 

A fun activity that can engage this sense is a game involving small boxes or containers placed upside down.  Simply hide a desirable dog training treat underneath one of them and encourage your furry friend to use their nose to find it.  

Once they successfully detect the correct container,  remember to praise them and,  of course,  reward them with the hidden treasure. 


Playing tug with dogs has numerous benefits,  the most obvious being that many dogs thoroughly enjoy it.  Additionally,  it is an interactive activity that allows dogs to get exercise even in limited spaces.  

Furthermore,  it can be used as a way to warm up before another activity or to increase their excitement before a competition,  ultimately leading to improved performance. 

To successfully play the game,  a dog must understand how to respond to cues for taking and dropping a toy,  which are interconnected skills.  By incorporating these skills into the game itself,  they can be taught more easily.  

Taking an object becomes the reward in the game while dropping it can be reinforced with a treat before continuing with the tugging. 

Dog Agility Course

Agility is an engaging activity for dogs that both stimulates their minds and provides physical exercise.  You have the option of creating an obstacle course using everyday items found in your home,  ensuring they are dog-friendly,  or purchasing a dedicated dog agility set. 

For instance,  you can arrange your dining room chairs to form a weaving path for your dog to navigate through.  Alternatively,  you may set up a broom or mop as a hurdle for them to jump over.  Throughout the course,  your dog will be guided by your instructions,  although they will be too engrossed in the enjoyable experience to realize they are being trained. 

dog training games


When we consider playing with dogs,  the game that often comes to mind is fetch.  Fetch is a cooperative activity requiring each player to fulfil their role for it to be successful. 

Fetch offers various benefits,  such as teaching the skill of dropping an item when asked and providing opportunities for advanced obedience training. 

After a few throws,  where the dog retrieves an item,  brings it back,  and drops it at your feet,  take a brief break and instruct them to perform a specific action,  like sitting,  lying down,  giving a high-five,  or any behaviour they can do on command. 

Then resume playing.  Incorporating this mental stimulation intermittently during a game of fetch ensures that most sessions are enjoyable and entertaining for your dog. 

Shell Game

The shell game is an enjoyable and stimulating activity that can help exercise your dog's mental abilities.  To participate,  just hide a treat under one of three cups and shuffle them around.  Allow your dog to sniff the cups before attempting to identify which cup the treat is hidden beneath.  If they guess correctly,  reward them with a treat.  If they guess incorrectly,  encourage them to try again. 

Name Game

This game offers an effective method to teach your dog how to recognize their name and improve their focus on you.  To engage in this activity,  simply call out your dog's name and wait for them to make eye contact with you.  

Once they do,  reward them with a treat or praise.  Consistently repeat this game throughout the day,  and your dog will quickly learn to respond when called. 

Although it  may seem straightforward,  having your dog familiar with their name significantly simplifies other aspects of training.  

Furthermore,  you are also teaching them to pay attention to you when their name is mentioned.  This skill becomes crucial in potentially dangerous situations where obtaining your dog's attention is vital.  This game effectively reinforces this essential safety skill. 

FAQ: Dog Training Games

Do dogs get bored of training?

Indeed,  dogs can experience boredom if they lack mental stimulation,  much like humans do. 

What are the 7 most important dog commands?

Every dog needs to acquire a set of fundamental commands,  including sit,  stay,  down,  come,  off,  heel,  and no.  Establishing these foundational training principles from the beginning is highly recommended by all professional dog trainers. 

What age is a dog hardest to train?

Adolescence,  which typically occurs between 6 and 18 months of age,  can be the most challenging stage in a puppy's development.  This is when your adorable little puppy begins to transition into a teenager and experiences hormonal changes that can lead to behavioural shifts. 


Training your dog doesn't have to be boring or monotonous.  It can be an enjoyable experience for both you and your furry friend.  By incorporating games into your training routine,  you can make the process more engaging and exciting.  

From hide and seek to treasure hunt,  there are plenty of interactive games that can help reinforce commands and improve your dog's obedience skills.  So why not turn your training sessions into playtime? Not only will it strengthen the bond between you and your dog,  but it will also make learning more effective.  

Give these training games a try and watch as your dog becomes a well-behaved superstar!

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