The Science Behind Kitty Love: Surprising Cat Benefits Revealed

cat benefits

There are two type of people in this world; one who love cats and then there is another group that thinks that the whole feline community is conspiring against them.  Well,  we all know that dog’s are man’s best friend but cats often sit in a corner,  aloof from all and you feel they are judging you. 
But science has proved it that having whiskers as roomate is actually good for health.  Whether you live with a cuddly lap cat or a quiet introvert who loves their space,  having a feline around you can be just as rewarding and benefitial as any other animal friendship. 
In this blog we will take you through some scientific cat benefits that will change your perspective about having Purr friends.

Cat Benefits According To Science

Cats are not just cute, they are also good for our health. 

Owning a cat offers numerous benefits that would make you want to have one by your side after reading this article! Scientific research has confirmed that having a cat brings about a range of health advantages.  Cats have a positive impact on various aspects of their owners' lives.  Let's explore how having a feline companion can enhance your life:

cat benefits

Cats Lower the Risk of Heart Disease in People

Caring for cats has been proven to have a positive impact on people's cardiovascular health by reducing blood pressure levels and consequently lowering the risk of stroke and heart disease.  The presence of a cat also contributes to a decrease in stress and anxiety,  which is beneficial for maintaining a healthy heart.  
In fact,  research conducted at the University of Minnesota,  analyzing two decades worth of data,  discovered that individuals who either own or have owned cats were less prone to heart disease-related mortality compared to those without feline companionship. 

Why Owning a Cat Makes You Smarter

In addition to being adorable and affectionate,  cats have the ability to enhance your intelligence.  Recent research conducted by experts at the University of California-Berkeley and published in PLOS One has revealed that owning a cat can actually boost cognitive function and improve brain capacity. 

The study found that individuals who had a feline companion performed better on assessments measuring verbal memory,  attention span,  and problem-solving skills compared to those who did not have a pet. 

Cats can improve your mood, even if they’re not in the room with you

Researchers from the Indiana University Media School conducted a study where they surveyed more than 7, 000 individuals who had watched cat videos on the internet.  The findings of this study might come as a surprise: Scientists discovered that watching videos of other people's cats not only enhances one's mood but also reduces negative emotions in viewers.  

So,  if you film your cat's playful behavior and watch those videos later on,  it will uplift your spirits!

cat benefits

Cats can actually heal their owners

Yes,  you read that correctly! It may sound surprising and almost unbelievable,  but it is true that cats have the ability to facilitate healing in their human companions.  

While the delightful chirping sounds they make can uplift your spirits,  it is their purring that can actually enhance your physical well-being.  Scientific studies have revealed that sound frequencies between 18-35 Hertz are beneficial for repairing joint injuries,  and interestingly,  a cat's purr produces vibrations within the range of 25-150 Hertz. 

Kids Can Benefit From Having Cats

According to a study titled "Can Cat Exposure Reduce Asthma Risk in Genetic Susceptible Children" (2017),  it has been proved that having cats in a household with children may reduce the likelihood of the kids developing allergies and asthma.  However,  further research is needed to fully understand the intricacies of this relationship. 
Furthermore,  children with autism may also benefit from living with cats.  A study conducted on families with autistic children found that those who introduced cats into their homes after the child turned 5 showed greater improvements in prosocial skills such as sharing and comforting others compared to those without cats (Marine Grandgeorge,  2012).

People with Dementia Benefit from Cats

According to a small study conducted by Kari Greer in 2008,  women with dementia who were provided with real cats experienced enhanced communication compared to those who were given toy cats.  
Additionally,  various studies have shown that animals,  in general,  can contribute to a sense of calmness and increased happiness for individuals with Alzheimer's disease and other types of dementia. 

Cats can tell you a lot about your personality. 

The type of pet you choose can provide insights into your personality.  Individuals who prefer dogs are often outgoing and sociable,  while those who own cats tend to be more introverted.  However,  cat owners exhibit high levels of trustworthiness and trust in others.  Additionally,  they are less inclined to manipulate and display a greater sense of modesty. 

You’ll sleep better. 

Numerous studies and surveys conducted in the UK have discovered that individuals,  particularly women,  favor sleeping alongside their cats rather than their partners.  Additionally,  they have reported experiencing better sleep when accompanied by a cat rather than a human. 

A study conducted by the Mayo Clinic Center for Sleep Medicine suggests that there may be some truth to this preference.  According to the study,  41 percent of participants claimed that having a pet improved their sleep quality,  while only 20 percent reported disturbances caused by it. 

They'll Make You More Attractive (To Women)

According to a study conducted by renowned pet researcher Dr.  June Nicolls,  it was discovered that women exhibit a greater inclination towards men who own pets.  
Surprisingly,  an overwhelming 90 percent of single women viewed men with cats as being kinder and more compassionate compared to those who did not own any pets. 

Cats Mean Fewer Allergies (For Your Kids)

A study conducted by the National Institutes of Health in 2002 discovered that infants who had contact with cats were less susceptible to developing various allergies.  
Marshall Plaut,  M. D. , who heads the allergic mechanisms section at the National Institute  of Allergy and Infectious Diseases,  stated that early exposure to pets seems to provide protection against not only pet allergies but also other common allergies like dust mite,  ragweed,  and grass allergies. 

FAQ: Surprising Cat Benefits

Can cats heal a sick person?

According to a study conducted by the Stroke Centre at the University of Minnesota,  it has been found that a cat's purring can lower blood pressure and therefore decrease the likelihood of experiencing a heart attack.  

The brain releases serotonin in response to the soothing sound of purring.  Therapy cats are known to have a calming influence and can help promote the healing process in children. 

Is cat saliva healing?

Although cat saliva has been found to contain histatins,  which can promote faster wound healing,  it is still important to avoid allowing cats to lick cuts and grazes due to the presence of bacteria and parasites in their mouths.  It is especially crucial to be cautious when letting cats lick children,  as a lick may be followed by a bite. 

Why is my male cat licking his private area so much?

It is typical for bacteria and yeast to be present on the skin,  but if there is an overgrowth of either or if the skin barrier is compromised,  or if the cat's immune system is weakened,  it can lead to an infection.  Skin infections caused by bacteria or yeast can cause intense itching and constant licking of the affected area. 


Scientific research has shown that having a cat in your life comes with some surprising benefits.  From reducing stress and anxiety to improving heart health and boosting your mood,  our feline friends truly have a positive impact on our well-being.  
So if you're still on the fence about getting a cat,  these scientific findings might just push you over the edge.  Embrace the joy and companionship that cats bring into our lives,  and enjoy all the amazing benefits that come along with it.  And if you're already a proud cat owner,  give your furry friend an extra cuddle today - they deserve it!

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